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      When a person quietly looked at the distant sea, or whether it is dusk, dawn, always in the sky where there's a heart of gold, it is a kind of like a star across the sky as bright, and like the gathering of starfish emitted at the end of the world out of light. Obviously, this is not only a romantic modern poem, but also the ultimate dream of the starfish yacht group.

     A thousand miles; not small streams, no seas. In order to realize the great dream that began under the Starfish heart, dedicated to the opening of the plant “ ”, down to “ &rdquo, &ldquo closed shipbuilding; design; ” on the frontier of “ ” “ quality of the ranks of ” on the &ldquo core; ” location, year after year, day in and day out, not big with pride, not improperly belittle oneself, and strive to perfect, everywhere crafted distinctive streamlined appearance is the designers of the sick leave no stone unturned, perfect and stunning nuances of casual handmade art craftsmen is the ultimate pursuit of when the knife, when the glue injection, when the bottom, when polishing..... Every time the precise computation of the hands, every heart is “ ” after the decision, we so cautious, Not to try to show the luxury, but really want to choose every successful person we create their own world so we belong to the sea, fresh and refined, not to be elegant, but to hold the dream start when craftsmen complex always forget the beginning of the heart, for every one of our owners in “ custom ” the private sea world, they can always find some ideas he had proposed by craftsmen rack their brains after the realization of the instant appearance, eyes bright, and then happily returned to the place, your soul's desire to so far, so close to the.

      What verses like reading verbatim, freely flowing style of writing, the perfect process is like water to take up a cup, indisputable. Each yacht starfish, collocation from the initial design, selection of materials, colors, and then to the shelves of construction, then water trials, which are linked together, step by step to realize each step are experimental results repeatedly, every process to complete the required time is derived from the experience of days and months multiplying sometimes, in order to pursue the process of excellence, will need more time, even if the boat owner repeatedly urged anxious, even repeatedly heated dispute, it is difficult to change the starfish “ to ensure the quality of ” a craftsman to a mortise tenon, a hammer a nail, but also the only way to truly afford our owner, worthy of our conscience, to afford those heritage for thousands of years until today still exist Chinese artisan spirit. Today, the starfish yacht, not only has a richly ornamented building and the gouging Dragon Phoenix carved Chinese craftsman craft, with the internationalization of the starfish yacht group is speeding up, we also introduced many advanced western technology, “ ” at the same time high production and quality management hired experienced people abroad to tip for starfish the yacht.

      In fact, Heysea Yacht circulated in this sentence: don't close their eyes in the night comes, because you will miss the stars shining in the sea surging; don't panic, because the starfish, will take you to where you want to go!



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