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Competitive Advantage
Lead; quality; innovation

      The growth and rise of Heysea Yacht has always maintained a leading position in the industry, the starfish yacht since its inception, located in the deep field of large boats, adhere to “ quality is the core competitiveness of the company philosophy, starfish yacht own R & D team, the international latest technology and the most fashionable elements in the rapid application of yacht on the quality of the customer experience to the yacht originality and sea noble way of life enjoyment.

      At present, Heysea Yacht in China more than 60 feet, large yacht market share of more than 50%, more than 80 feet in the Chinese market, the yacht market share of more than 70%, and continue to maintain a leading position.

     Heysea Yacht is China's yacht manufacturer, the only to enter the world's more than 80 feet yacht 30 enterprises, starfish yacht group ranked twenty-fifth in the world.



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